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Bran is a type of concentrated feed for livestock industry. It is a residual product of the flour milling in the shape of grain shell which remains in their purification. The amount of received bran during the processing of high-quality grain may be more than 25% of the total.

Bran is a very useful and necessary product for the body.

Bran contains fibre, vitamins and micro elements necessary for the body. Around 90% of the biologically active components of grain is exactly detected in bran. It is not specially nutritious so they can be used in the diet of people and animals who are overweight.

Depending on the process stock bran can be:

  • wheat bran
  • rye bran
  • oat bran
  • rice bran
  • buckwheat bran and others.

According to the degree of grinding bran is divided into fractions:

  • large
  • small

Pelleted bran is the most common type due to the convenience of its packaging, transportation and storage.

Bran is essential to the dietary structure. It is used in the food industry and also as feed for animals lately.

It is used for baking bread and for the dietetic nutrition.

Bran is often applied in diets of dairy animals as well as for battening and growing the young generation. Some restrictions are imposed on the amount of bran added to the feed because of the possible negative effects on the animal digestive route.

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