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The livestock needs feed additives such as amino acids, vitamins and minerals for its full development. They help to get maximum muscle growth, to increase the production of milk, eggs and to improve resistance to disease and infections.

B vitamins are the most commonly used vitamins. Choline chloride (Vitamin B4) is one of these organic compounds. It is conditionally related to vitamin B complex, plays an important role in metabolic processes and it is responsible for the biochemical processes. Acetylcholine is formed of it, so it is a mediator of neural excitation, stimulating the action of the bowels. The deficit of this substance can lead to animal liver diseases, forming the superfluous fat around it.

Choline chloride is dark brown pellets, water-insoluble, with a slight characteristic smell. It is produced on the basis of wheat bran. It is introduced to the animal and bird diet for the prevention of hypovitaminosis.

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Vitamin B4, conditionally called choline chloride, is contained in vegetable products in the very critical amount. Therefore, the animals, especially the youngsters, can stunt, suffer from liver disease, anemia, bloating and others because of the lack of this vitamin.

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