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Grain farming is a basis of grain production complex. Cereal crops take an important place in all regions of Ukraine.

All cereals are divided into:

  • Bread grains
  • Grain legumes

Wheat and rye are certain bread crops, buckwheat and millet – grit crops, corn and barley – fodder crops.

Corn is one of the main crops not only in Ukraine but all over the world. This crop is notable for its high yield and wide usage. Around 20% of the harvested grain is used for man's food purposes and 2/3 – for animals and poultry feeding.

Cereals, flour, flakes, starch, sugar and oil are made from grain.

Corn is an annual plant, heat and light-loving, it is widely used in all farms. Unlike wheat, Corn stands easier to drought and frost than wheat does. In recent years, corn is leading among other crops in terms of profitability.

The demand for feed corn does not fall and is maintained by the active development of industries such as poultry and livestock. Corn is a leader in the planting structure of the MHP; it contains more than 45% of fields.

Corn is an excellent animal feed. 1 kg of grain contains 1.34 feed units and 78 grams of protein. This makes corn as valuable material for fodders. Corn also takes the first place as a silage crop. Silage is a succulent feed which have dietary properties and excellent digestibility.

Corn is widely used for green fodder, too, which is rich in carotene.

Dry leaves, cobs and culms left after harvest are also used for feed.

Buying corn grain for feed you should pay your attention to the grain quality, its cleanliness and compliance with standards of GOST. Grain by the Agrocapital Ukraine meets all these requirements.

Furthermore, corn prices remain available and economically feasible for all our clients.

The company provides corn delivery throughout Ukraine making advances for our customers. Cooperating with us, you buy high-quality grain and save on feed expenditure. The main goal of the Agrocapital Ukraine is mutual and beneficial relationships based on an individual approach to every client, our support and respect.

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