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Agriculturers perfectly realized the importance of fishmeal as one of the components in the animal diet on the farms. The list of its advantages is large enough. Firstly, fishmeal is a source of protein, essential fatty acids, vitamins D, A, B, phosphorus, calcium, selenium and iodine also. Secondly, fishmeal contains amino acids such as lysine, cystine, methionine, tryptophan and threonine. The animal and birds digestibility of the product reaches 89-92 percent and it's an excellent indicator itself.

Speaking about the protein content in fishmeal, we should note, that the protein content is equal to 70-72% in a particularly high-quality product, for example the production of Danish companies, while the accepted norm is 60-65%.

Fishmeal is made from so-called seafood. It can be crustaceans, inedible fishes and various mammals. Furthermore this product is taken from waste materials of the processing of shrimps, crabs and eatable fishes.

It is advised that there are two kinds of fishmeal. It's depends on the place of feedstock processing.

The manufacturing on the ships is the first case. Such meal is called the ship (commercial) meal, it's producing on board directly into the sea. This product is in a high cost in comparison with the coast meal as it fully excludes the fact of adulteration.

The second type of meal, coast meal, is produced on the special equipment located on land. With a help of fishmeal additives the product is brought to the desired consistency and equalize the protein percentage. It should be noted that the protein content significantly affects the price of fishmeal: the higher its percentage, the higher the price of meal.

The fishmeal by the Agrocapital Ukraine meets all the standards set by the content of such a valuable protein; it is produced in Denmark on the latest specialized equipment in compliance with all technical requirements without adding any impurities.

Over the years, the company has successfully delivered fishmeal in Ukraine and abroad, which significantly reduces our customers' expenditures.

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