Fodder for Broilers

Fodder for broiler chickens by the Agrocapital Ukraine. The best prices and proven quality are guaranteed. Delivery above Ukraine and abroad is provided.

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Fodder indexes for broilers

The main activity of the Agrocapital Ukraine is high-quality complete fodder realization for all kinds of animals particularly for broilers. Broiler fodder is produced by a leader of industrial chicken production – PJSC MHP.

Broiler production is a priority branch of the agricultural sector. Quality of produced production and, consequently, the development and economic efficiency of this sector namely depends on the balance of complete fodders.

Fodder for broilers is a mixture of grain materials with products containing protein, vitamins and microelements salts.

Cereals crops using in the fodder producing are:

Protein sources:

  • Animal origin: fishmeal
  • Vegetable origin: soybean meal, sunflower meal, soybean cake, sunflower cake

Mineral supplements:

  • Microelements
  • Macroelements

Energy sources:

  • Vegetable oil

Fodder types:

  • Complete fodders provide 100% animal and poultry needs in mineral nutrients. Just they are used as the main nutrition for broilers.
  • Concentrates are an additional kind of food in addition to the roughage and succulent feed. 

Agrocapital Ukraine broiler fodder is a product fully meets poultry requirements in nutrients necessary for their growth and development. It’s absolutely eco-friendly product as it doesn’t contain any hormones and growth stimulator.

Current equipment for feed production is in the top leading among European manufacturers oriented in production of these items. These are such companies as Buhler Schmidt-Seeger, Andritz, Schule, Harburg-Freudenberger Maschinenbau GmbH, Alfa Laval, Geelen Counterflow and Khorolskiy Mechanical. But, in spite of the advanced technology, the price of broiler fodder remains accessible, flexible and economically viable.

The Agrocapital Ukraine appreciates every client and is ready to ensure the fodder delivery throughout Ukraine. After all the main goal of our company is customer confidence, respect and support of their interests. Especially such relations can lead to the production efficiency.

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