Fodder for laying chickens

Fodder for laying chickens by the Agrocapital Ukraine. The best prices and proven quality are guaranteed. Delivery throughout Ukraine and abroad is provided.

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The main direction of activity of the LLC Agrocapital Ukraine is the realization of high-quality complete fodders for all kinds of animals particularly for laying chickens.

Proper and balanced diet is one of the important factors required for hens to exercise their functions and also it provides high performance of quality products. These are:

  • high egg production of laying chickens
  • high quality of eggshell and poultry meat
  • high rates of reproduction and incubation
  • immunity against infections and diseases dissemination
  • pronounced taste qualities of eggs
  • natural yellow-orange colour of the yolk

Fodder for laying chickens sold by our company is produced by the MHP on high-quality equipment. It is here where unique methods for poultry fodder producing are used, which fully provide daily rate of nutrients and vitamins required for their vital activity.

Company equipment is represented by the best examples of European producers, so it is surely announced about eco-friendly status of produced items.

Therefore, fodder prices for laying chickens remain at the lowest and acceptable level in the industry. Foremost it goes with the company's strategy aimed at increasing growth rates in all business directions.

The following components are used in producing fodder for laying chickens:

2 types of fodder are:

  • fodder-concentrates – additionally used with rough and succulent fodder
  • all-in-one fodder – fully meet chickens needs in the mineral and nutrient substances. It is used as basic food for laying chickens

The Agrocapital Ukraine builds its relationships with customers based on trust, respect and support. Thus, organising fodder delivery throughout Ukraine the company primarily cares about its customers.

If you want to get quality product saving time and money, please, refer to the Agrocapital Ukraine.  

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