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Pig farming is rather a well-developed branch of agriculture throughout the world and Ukraine isn’t an exception. Pig population is increasing year by year.

Animals feeding costs hold the lion's share of costs in the price structure of pig farming production. Many businessmen wishing to reduce expenditure save exactly on feeding. The quality of meat products depends on the feed quality.

Pigs fodder prices offered by the Agrocapital Ukraine are economical prices, and therefore they are popular and reasonable.

But low prices are not reflected in the high quality in any case. This feed for pigs is produced by the MHP on the best equipment of the leaders of European producers.

High-quality fodder for pigs provides nutritious animals feed, increasing productivity compared to unbalanced feed.

Fodder is a total mixture of different feed ingredients and additives blended to the required sizes, so it provides adequate nutrition for animals.

Pigs fodder ingredients are:

  • nutrients
  • vitamins
  • biologically active components 

2 types of fodders used in pig farming are:

  • fodder-concentrate (different feed mixture suitable for all groups of animals contains a high content of minerals, proteins and microadditives)
  • all-in-one fodder (fully supplies animals with all necessary nutrients and minerals)

The usage of all-in-one fodder for pigs suggests the additional use up 15% of grass meal. Grass meal provides the pig’s organism with fiber necessary for good digestion and the gain of meat. Grass meal is also necessary for sows to increase the amount of milk during nursing piglets.

The important point is feeding pigs at the age of 5-7 days when they are lack of milk. Therefore, only the usage of high-quality, eco- friendly animal fodder will favor the growth and development of healthy youngsters. The main thing is to choose the fodder depending on the animal groups.

The Agrocapital Ukraine will help you to make the right choice and ensure fast delivery of fodder at reasonable prices throughout Ukraine.

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