Fodder for waterfowl

Fodder for waterfowls by the Agrocapital Ukraine. The best prices and proven quality are guaranteed. Delivery throughout Ukraine and abroad is provided.

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Waterfowls are the most unpretentious birds among domestic poultry, that’s why they are so widespread in the agricultural sector. They are:

  • Goose
  • Domesticated duck
  • Barbary duck
  • Mulard

The production quality directly depends on properly selected feed. This exactly is fodder for waterfowls by the Agrocapital Ukraine.

This is a high-quality, scientifically formulated daily diet, which allows birds to obtain all nutrients, vitamins and minerals necessary for the growth and development.

Fodder for waterfowls produced by the MHP the leader at the home market provides:

  • high-quality meat
  • resistance to disease and infection
  • high rates of reproduction and population livability
  • balanced diet for birds
  • low feed costs (conversion)
  • full growth and development

Thanks to the latest equipment and computer technology it is possible to produce high-quality, ecofriendly, and balanced fodder for waterfowls at the PJSC MHP represented by the Agrocapital Ukraine. They can be used with 100% surely positive results either at producing facilities or at the household.

Hereby, the important factor is fodder price and it is economically feasible and available for consumers. Reasonable prices, in their turn, will help to reduce the costs on birds feeding.

To produce fodder for waterfowls next components are used:

Fodder description depends on the age of birds – they can be crumbled, pelleted and in the shape of grits.

Choosing waterfowls fodder by the LLC Agrocapital Ukraine you cannot worry about the delivery because the company takes care about fodder delivery throughout Ukraine. After all, the cooperation aim is not only the market expansion but also relationships built on trust and respect for clients. 

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