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It's well-known that amino acids play an important role in the diet feeding of farm animals and poultry. The following amino acids are most commonly used in the livestock:

L-threonine refers to the limiting amino acids group which is non-replaceable. Vegetable protein contains this amino acid in the critical amount, so L-threonine is added to the feed as a crystal white powder.

Current amino acid is responsible for muscle growth and consequently leading veterinarians pay careful attention on it while scheming the correct feeding of animals, especially pigs. In addition to increasing mass, threonine is responsible for energy metabolism, synthesis of enzymes and the growth of skeletal muscle.

More often L-threonine is added to the feed based on wheat, barley and sorghum. Besides the low content of much-needed amino acids in its natural form, it is also bad digested and thus wise feed requires an additional enrichment.

Using the L-threonine by the Agrocapital Ukraine you choose the perfect combination of high quality and reasonable price.

In the case the animal doesn't receive the necessary amount of amino acid in the diet; it is observed depletion, disruption of the gastrointestinal tract, reducing the rate of the muscle mass growth etc.

The use of L-threonine does not prohibit the feed vitamins, drugs since its total compatibility with other kinds of feed additives. It is inserted at the fodder mills or feed center.

The content of active substances makes 98.5%, the powder is packed in bags of paper and polyethylene. L-threonine is stored in a dry, shadowed place at the temperature from –30 to +30 C.

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