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Amino acids, minerals and vitamins play an important role in the proper diet for farm animals. Moreover, each of these substances performs a specific role.

Minerals are responsible for many metabolic processes, the immune system, the construction of body tissues and many others. Magnesium is one of the important minerals; it is responsible for the cardiac performance, nervous and muscular systems and the bone strength. In the case an animal receives less than required amount of magnesium for a long time the failure of all organs and systems occurs.

Feed magnesium oxide is used in the agriculture. It is a colorless powder consisting of ultrafine crystals. It is mostly called as calcined magnesia or magnesium oxide. It is naturally occurring but of its low deposits it is artificially produced by the calcination of dolomite or magnesite. Magnesium oxide is not soluble in water and alcohol.

Scientists have proved that the animals which receive less magnesium are early aging, dying and often getting sick, especially with heart diseases.

Purchasing magnesium oxide by the Agrocapital Ukraine you provide your animals and poultry with one of the most important minerals. Our company sells the production by the Styromag Austria that means it is manufactured according to the highest European standards in compliance with all sanitary rules and requirements. The mass fraction of magnesium oxide is 80%.

The animal need for magnesium oxide depends on many factors such as species, age, diet and its saturation with other minerals and livestock productivity also.

The Agrocapital Ukraine offers to buy magnesium oxide at the affordable price. We also provide the delivery of magnesium oxide throughout Ukraine and abroad.

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