Malt Sprouts

Malt sprouts by the Agrocapital Ukraine. The best prices and proven quality are guaranteed. The delivery of malt sprouts throughout Ukraine and abroad is provided.

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Often vegetable foods for animals and birds feeding are poor at necessary proteins, vitamins and minerals. Therefore feed additives are introduced into the animal diet. Malt sprouts are one of these additives.

Malt sprouts are a byproduct of the brewing industry. These are sprouts of barley, rye, oats and wheat containing a great amount of protein and vitamin E necessary for a good animal growth, development and high levels of gain and productivity. Sprouts also contain 11% fiber and fats.

Normally malt sprouts should be equal colored from yellow to brown, without any impurities and odors testified to the deterioration (the smell of mold or mustiness), with a shiny grain shell and sweet flavor.

Purchasing malt sprouts by the Agrocapital Ukraine you get high quality products at the reasonable price. Malt sprouts sold by our company are manufactured at home plants.

The introduction of malt sprouts into the animal diet especially dairy cows allows eliminating the protein deficit and greatly increasing the animal productivity.

The Agrocapital Ukraine provides the delivery of malt sprouts both throughout Ukraine and abroad. It helps to minimize transportation expenses of feed materials.

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