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Only with the help of full feeding of farm animals and poultry high rates of growth and productivity can be achieved. Feeds rich in proteins, amino acids, vitamins and minerals are the key to a healthy livestock, maximum indicators of milk yield and weight gain in fact.

Minerals occupy an important place among the essential additives. Minerals are chemical substances ingested in small quantities together with food. They do not serve as an energy source, but their importance cannot be underestimated. Minerals can:

  • maintain acid-base balance in the blood
  • regulate metabolism
  • response for building and regeneration of bones and tissues
  • regulate water-salt metabolism
  • be responsible for the muscles work

Selenium, iodine, calcium, iron, sodium, magnesium, phosphorus and others refer to minerals. Minerals are divided into micro and macroelements. Each of them is responsible for a specific function. For example, magnesium, sodium and potassium are responsible for muscle work. Selenium prevents the action of certain chemical carcinogens, reduces the toxic effect of a number of substances.

The diets of farm animals especially pigs and poultry are often poor at calcium. Its disadvantage is compensated by bone meal, chalk, phosphates and other additives. Namely the lack of it affects the formation of animal bones. Animal and poultry youngsters experience extra demand for potassium so protein additives enriched with this element are introduced into the feed. The sodium shortage is piecing out with adding salt into diets.

Purchasing minerals by the Agrocapital Ukraine you get the necessary dietary additives for animals of high quality and at the reasonable price.

Sapropel is an important source of calcium; it is fine-grained deposits from the remains of aquatic plants, seaweeds, animal and mineral particles.

If animals receive prophylactically all necessary micro and macroelements it avoids many problems either with health, development, or productivity and growth.

The Agrocapital Ukraine provides its customers with the delivery of minerals throughout Ukraine and abroad. Cooperating with us you make a wise choice! 

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