Neubabond 100

The fodder pellet binders Neubabond 100 by the Agrocapital Ukraine. The best prices and proven quality are guaranteed. The delivery of the pellet binders Neubabond 100 throughout Ukraine and abroad is provided.

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What should be a modern fodder? It certainly must be of high-quality, balanced, easily digestible and enriched with various supplements (vitamins, proteins, acidifiers and microelements). What should it be by the appearance? You can surely say that the farm animals do not care of the food looking, only its quantity is the main thing for them, but the agriculture does not stand, it is developing as well as other industry. It means that the fodder for pigs and fish in artificial ponds cannot be as chaotic mass but clearly designed granules. Recently, for achieving the feed structure the pellet binders are used in the agriculture. In this case Neubabond 100 is concerned.

The pellet binders Neubabond 100 are produced in Poland. This drug has perfectly proven itself among experienced breeders appreciated its positive qualities. Neubabond 100 holds the fodder pellets, connecting components together and providing the complete structure of the feed. Its usage prevents the dusting between pellets and does not affect the taste of animal food; in addition Neubabond 100 is compatible with other feed additives, if there are any. Except the animal feed production this drug is used in the aquiculture for fixing up pellet in the fish feed. 100 Neubabond is enough humidity resistant, so its use in water is fully justified.

For several years the LLC Agrocapital Ukraine successfully implements a number of agricultural products and the pellet binders Neubabond 100 as well. You can effortlessly order it in the convenient way for you and at any time. The drug price is reasonable you’ll see it by studying the pricelist of our company. The client’s geographical position is not a problem for us as we do the delivery of the pellet binders Neubabond 100 both throughout Ukraine and abroad. Going in for services of the Agrocapital Ukraine you choose a high quality purchase and service.

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