Neubacid FLP Dry

Neubacid FLP dry by the Agrocapital Ukraine. The best prices and proven quality are guaranteed. The delivery of Neubacid FLP throughout Ukraine and abroad is provided.

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Neubacid FLP dry is one the antibacterial feed acidifiers for pigs and poultry. This drug has more advantages than other drugs of this category. The main purpose of Neubacid FLP dry, as other feed acidifiers, is increasing the dressed weight. In addition, animals feel good thanks to a number of drug components; feeds (usually expensive) are absorbed almost completely.

What is an antibacterial Neubacid FLP dry? It is a microgranulated feed acidifier basically containing formic, propionic and lactic acids. Neubacid FLP dry by the LLC Agrocapital Ukraine positively effects on the gastrointestinal tract of animals and poultry, actively lows pH, increases the digestibility and feed accessibility, destroys pathogens and normalizes the growth of useful microflora on the other hand. The percentage of cattle and poultry losses greatly reduces, the animals do not suffer from diarrhea because of the excellent food digestion, weight and height indicators are pleasant surprised and all these are happened thanks to the antibacterial Neubacid FLP dry applying.

The antibacterial Neubacid FLP dry by the Agrocapital Ukraine meets the highest European standards of quality and also its price is affordable. Its quantitative content is reflected on the packaging, so farmers can confidently impact on nutritional food with this acidifier without cases of overdosing.

Neubacid dry FLP has certain standards of the introduction. For example, for poultry depending on their diet the norm is 1-5 kg and 59.5% of activity. There are also established norms for pigs, so 2-5 kg for sows, 1-5 kg for feeding pigs and 2-5 kg for piglets.

The Agrocapital Ukraine has long been a market leader in selling the agricultural production; we deliver them anywhere in Ukraine and far abroad as well. Antibacterial Neubacid FLP dry is sold in packs by 25 kg; it should be stored at low temperature in a dry dark place.

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