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It can happen that agricultural crops especially cereals and legumes are affected by mold fungi. And so animals and birds are under attack because of mycotoxins secreted by these fungi are causing a reduction of feed palatability or even complete rejection of them, affecting the central nervous system and other vital organs, provoking poisoning (mycotoxicosis), lethargy and other negative consequences.

Nowadays, there are many ways of the mycotoxins control. The usage of the toxins adsorbent is one of the most effective and modern methods. These specially designed drugs connect toxic substances hit the animal body and maximum rapidly get out them with feces by the risk-free for animals way.

A number of requirements usually comes upon adsorbents. The effect of application is ensured by compliance with them. Among such drugs that perform all conditions it can be underlined Neubafix Plus. Namely it acts on different kinds of toxins formed in the feed. This adsorbent is one of the strongest drugs that are not afraid of even the most active toxins (aflatoxin, ochratoxin, zearalenone and others). Besides its direct goal, Neubafix Plus has a positive effect on the animal immune system and takes part in basic biochemical processes. Its composition includes strong adsorbents and immune amplifiers.

The Agrocapital Ukraine realizes Neubafix Plus at the reasonable price. All our company production is certified and meets all sanitary standards. The delivery of Neubafix Plus is also available throughout Ukraine and abroad.

Drug addition rates primarily depend on the diet and the feed infection. It is 1-2 kg/t in average.

The drug is kept in a cool dry place.

Choosing the Neubafix Plus you can be sure in the animal health and productivity of all animal species.

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