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Oats are known as a grain crop since prehistoric times. Oats are an annual crop which belongs to the grass family. It is sowed at the earliest and shortest times of planting.

Oats are sowing during 3-4 days after natural tilth. It is mainly growing in the northern and western regions of Ukraine. The largest areas of oats can be seen in the years when it is resowing instead of blasted winter crops by frost.

Only two kinds of cereals are husk-coated among the rest, therefore, they contain more fibre. This benefit makes them stand out as more useful compared to other crops. These unique cultures include barley and oats.

Despite the many useful properties oats are used less frequently as food crop than as technical. Oat groats, flour, oatmeal, ersatz coffee, biscuits and cookies are produced on the oats basis.

As fodder crop oats are the most widespread. In foreign countries, only 5% of oats are used as man food and the rest is used for animals feeding.

Mostly oats are used as feed for horses and cattle as well, for poultry as a source of energy and strength. Straw and chaff are used as feed additionally to grain. It is common to sow oats simultaneously with peas and vetch for green feed and straw.

The content of such useful components like fibre promotes faster chewing and saliva wetting, thereby it supports better digestion. In addition to the fibre oats contain vitamins B1 and B2, proteins, starch, fat and sugar.

Oat grain is chewed lighter than other cereals reducing tooth wear. Fodder oats are irreplaceable kind of concentrated feed for livestock and poultry.

Crumbling and rolling of oats increase the digestibility of grain to 4-20%.

Much protein makes oats an irreplaceable component of animal fodders. This is the most profitable kind of feed for animal and poultry and also for companies which are raising them. Buying oats by the Agrocapital Ukraine you greatly reduces expenditures for animal feed, since our oats prices are economically reasonable.

Oats are also used as soil defence.

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