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Oil plants are a group of plants which are grown and cultivated for producing fatty oils. The fat content in these cultures reaches from 20 to 60%. They are the main source for vegetable oil. The most common oil plants are:

Peanuts, sesame seeds, poppy seeds and other oil plants are planted on small areas.

Oil plants occupy a great acreage about 140 million of hectares in the world agriculture.

Oil extracted from oil plants is widely used in all branches of industries. It is used for meals, food industry; it is also needed to produce margarine, canned food and in confectionery and bakery industries.

It is used in the producing of paints, cosmetics and toiletries, textile, leather and other industries in technical purposes meaning.

But not only oil plant grains are widely used in industry. Waste products from processed seeds like oil cake and meal are used in the agricultural sector as a protein source in fodders.

Fat quantity in seeds primarily depends on the species and varieties of plants, of growing conditions, climate and other important conditions. All of these also effect on the fat quality.

Soybean oil is the most widespread among oils used in the world food industry, sunflower oil is on the second place and then peanut, cottonseed and other oils are followed.

Partly oilseeds are grown for green fodder and silage; so they help to clean fields of weeds either. 

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