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Halal fowl (poultry) meat by the Agrocapital Ukraine. The best prices and proven quality are guaranteed. The delivery throughout Ukraine and abroad is provided.

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There is a good reason that poultry meat is considered to be the most useful of all existing types of meat. Merchants brought some amazing birds with golden coat and a long tail to settlements on the coast of the Black Sea more than a thousand years ago. They arrived from India where people considered that meat of these birds is curative as having eaten it the person becomes strong and healthy. Really, poultry meat has many advantages in comparison with cattle meat:

  • lean dietary product with a low content of cholesterol (lower is only fish);
  • leader in protein content necessary for an organism, its normal growth and maintenance the human life activity. Its percentage is 22.5 in chicken meat and 13.8 in pork;
  • high content of vitamin B complex (folic acid, B2, B6);
  • availability of light digested iron and zinc, selenium, copper, magnesium, calcium and phosphorus as well.

Fowl meat is conveniently divided into two big groups: domestic (from poultry) and wild fowl. In the first group the leading place is taken by chicken, it is followed by duck, goose and turkey meat. In the second group the predominating consumer position is taken by quails, then wild ducks, pheasants and partridges.

Is it possible, living in Ukraine, to buy poultry meat at the reasonable price without saving on its quality? If you think about your children's health, care of your own nutritious food, you have been certainly asked this question again and again. Please, treat to the Agrocapital Ukraine, the recognized domestic leader in delivery of poultry meat across the country and abroad.

We cooperate only with proved producers who grow up birds under the European conditions and provide the first-class fodders without any chemical additives damaging human health. Moreover inhabitants of the Arab-Muslim countries as those who profess Islam can treat to our company to purchase our production as all products passed "Halal" certification.

Due to loyal policy of prices of LLC Agrocapital Ukraine you will be able to buy poultry meat by wholesale in favorable terms. We offer the wide range: choose fully or partly drawn carcasses, offal sets, parts of carcasses (shins, hips, quarters), broilers and other at your own discretion.

Choosing the Agrocapital Ukraine you get the permanent partner in business and also the responsible mediator between the producer and sales market. 

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