Premixes for Pigs

Premixes for pigs by the Agrocapital Ukraine. The best prices and proven quality are guaranteed. The delivery of the premixes for pigs throughout Ukraine and abroad is provided.

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It is impossible to obtain effective gains and high performance without proper nutrition for pigs. What is the proper nutrition in the animal breeding? These are feeds enriched with vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, antioxidants and other nutrients necessary for the full animal development.

Specially formulated complexes come to help farmers; they are premixes for pigs. Premixes are a mixture of biologically active components designed to enrich feed blends with all necessary elements. The composition of this mixture can include from 2 up to tens of components depending on the premix application.

Using premixes for pigs allows you:

  • improving the feed protein transformation into gain
  • making the digestive system adaptation of the plant food easier
  • avoiding obesity and liver disease
  • promoting normal embryo development and reducing the abortions number

Premixes are prescribed depending on the age, sex and period of animal development. There are special complexes for piglets, sows, boars and fattening pigs.

Premixes for pigs by the LLC Agrocapital Ukraine are a quality production met all sanitary standards. High quality, reasonable prices, flexible terms of cooperation are the key to your success.

It is allowed up to 5% premixes in the ready-made feed.

By the prescription premixes for pigs are divided into:

  • preventive
  • medical prophylactic
  • treatment

Choosing treatment premixes it is ought to pay thorough attention to the intended end-use, dosage and use duration. These mixtures generally contain additional components such as antibiotic, probiotic, anthelmintic or increased amount of common components.

The Agrocapital Ukraine offers the delivery service of premixes for pigs both in Ukraine and abroad.

The usage of quality premixes for pigs increases the growth rate, daily gain, the offspring preservation and it is also the prevention of a number of diseases associated with metabolism.

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