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Premixes for poultry by the Agrocapital Ukraine. The best prices and proven quality are guaranteed. The delivery of premixes for poultry throughout Ukraine and abroad is provided.

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The high performance of the poultry industry can only be obtained under the full poultry feeding. The food properly filled with vitamins and minerals beneficially effects on the development, reproduction and productivity. An important factor is the certain need in definite doses of necessary substances. After all, the poultry needs different vitamins and minerals at different stages of its life and development. Premixes for poultry come to help in such cases.

Premixes are powdered mixture of biologically active substances added to fodders for increasing their nutritional value and digestibility. They are recipe developed according to the poultry age and needs.

Depending to the prescription premixes for poultry divided in:

  • vitamin
  • mineral
  • medical prophylactic
  • vitamin-mineral
  • amino acidulous

Purchasing premixes for poultry by the LLC Agrocapital Ukraine you can be absolutely confident in the production quality. Our premixes meet all poultry needs, sanitary requirements and standards.

Premixes for poultry contain vitamins A, D, E and vitamins B complex, enzymes, micro and macroelements (zinc, phosphorus, iron, selenium, iodine, etc.), fillers and auxiliary substances (antioxidants). Vitamins help poultry cope with infectious diseases and stimulate the activity of all body systems.

How can be poultry needs in the additional vitamins and minerals complex determined? The reasonability of premixes input appears in the case of the following factors:

  • eggs growing with blood spots
  • slower chickens growth
  • exhaustion, weakness and gait disturbance
  • morbidity increasing, mortality
  • shell fragility
  • egg production reducing
  • oedema
  • cock sterility
  • bleeding disorder
  • embryonic mortality and others.

All necessary materials in premixes for poultry are in a strict proportion and they will relieve farmers from the majority of the problems in breeding poultry under correctly appliance. Their use ensures high productivity and competitive quality of the products as well.

Our company provides delivery of premixes for poultry both in Ukraine and abroad. Choosing the LLC Agrocapital Ukraine you make a wise choice!

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