Rabbit Meat

Halal rabbit meat by the Agrocapital Ukraine. The best prices and proven quality are guaranteed. The delivery throughout Ukraine and abroad is provided.

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It is possible to speak longtime about properties of rabbit meat. This dietary meat beneficially affects a human body as it is assimilated for 90% whereas beef for only 62%. Being the leader in protein content and construction material for bones and muscles rabbit meat has to become an irreplaceable component of children's diet as well as pregnant women, lactating women, elderly people and allergic persons. Besides rabbit meat is indicated to oncological patients as it is capable to reduce a radiation dose after chemotherapy. Rabbit meat should be included in the constant menu for people who lives and works in extreme conditions, for example, at the polluted territories with the increased radiation level.

Here only a few advantages of rabbit meat:

  • small content of cholesterol and high level of proteins and fats;
  • leader by the vitamins content (vitamin B complex, vitamin C, nicotinic acid), and also minerals – zinc, potassium, fluorine, manganese, phosphorus and cobalt;
  • low percentage of sodium salts.

Dietarians refer rabbit meat to white elite variety of meat. The most beneficial is meat of young rabbits short of half a year. If the rabbit is older its energy value is bigger (the percentage of fats and proteins is increasing, however young rabbit meat is more gentle and high assimilated).

At the domestic market you can possibly buy qualitative rabbit meat in wide assortment due to involvement of LLC Agrocapital Ukraine. Our company realizes the high quality product exactly received from proven and well-known producers. Buying our production you can be unalarmed about its freshness and quality as all products are certified and meet the European standards.

Moreover the Agrocapital Ukraine delivers rabbit meat throughout the country and abroad. We provide the wide range: rabbit corpses, hind and forepaws, back, liver, heart and tongue. The Arab-Muslim states aren't an exception as the realized production is documented with the "Halal" certificate.

Thanks to our flexible price policy rabbit meat delivered by our company can be bought on profitable terms also by wholesale and retail. Choosing the Agrocapital Ukraine you will be satisfied with the high level of service, delivery periods and certainly the quality of products.

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