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Byproducts of processed oil plants are widely used in the livestock industry as a part of fodders for animals and poultry.

The processing of oilseeds to producing vegetable oil is called extraction. And oilseeds grinding during such a procedure are called meal. Meal contains high amount of plant protein, so it is widely used as one of fodder elements.

Industry receives the following types of meal (according to the feedstock)

Soybean meal and sunflower meal are the most widespread in our country.

The most popular form of meal is soybean meal, it influences on the formation of global demand and pricing policy for all types of products. This is the most expensive sort of meal. It is gained by grinding processed soybeans.

Prices of soybean meal by the Agrocapital Ukraine are available to all our clients. We offer high quality at affordable prices.

It is produced pelleted and non-pelleted meal (bulk) by the description.

Meal is divided into two sorts by protein content:

  • low-protein
  • high protein

Meal contains calcium, iron, phosphorus, minerals and amino acids necessary for the growth and development of animals.

In the farms it is added up to 35% of soybean meal as main food for animals, birds and fish. High protein soybean meal is indispensable component of the high-energy diet for animals at low costs thanks to its high protein content and excellent digestibility.

The usage of soybean meal improves and increases the following important characteristics:

  • daily gain during animals and birds fattening
  • milk yield and quality
  • nutrition of fodder components
  • general indicators of bird and animal shap

Quality meal should meet all requirements of the standard GOST of this production. The colour of soybean meal must be from light yellow to light brown. The smell of soybean meal is without impurities.

Pelleted soybean meal is the most convenient form of description. Pelleted meal is easy in packaging, transportation and storage.

Soybean meal by the Agrocapital Ukraine is the key to great fodder and, consequently, to high quality products.

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