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Soybean oil is a kind of vegetable oil got from soybean seeds by the extraction or by organic solvents. Soybean oil dominates according to its content of biologically active substances that are 100 per cent assimilated by the body.

Soybean oil has a bright yellow color and quite a sharp flavor. Only refined soybean oil is used as food. It gains a delicate pinkish shade and limpidity after its pressing and purification.

It is got by the mechanical pressure (pressing) or extraction (by organic solvents).

Soybean oil possesses a number of qualities that distinguishes it from other kinds of vegetable oils:

  • high degree of saturation which increases its nutritional value
  • high digestibility
  • enhances immunity
  • soybean oil maintains its liquidity through a wide temperature range
  • easily recyclable
  • natural antioxidants contained in the soybean oil are stored even during processing

Soybean production is soybean meal, soybean oil cake and oil; so it is in a high demand both as a material for animal feed and for human consumption. Increasingly soybean oil is used for farm animal feeding and it brings good results in the meat gain and quality.

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Soybean oil is widely used in food industry for sauces, margarines, mayonnaise, bread and confectionery cooking. Moreover lecithin derived from soybeans is used in the pharmaceutical industry in soap, detergents and colorant manufacturing.

In the soybean oil storage you should meet the following requirements:

  • dry ventilated place
  • no direct sunlight
  • constant temperature without sharp changes

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