Sunflower meal

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Meal is produced by extracting oil from oil plants. It is a byproduct of oil extraction. It is widely used as fodder for farm animals (cattle, pigs) and poultry.

Meal is distinguished according to the materials used for the extraction oil:

It is produced pelleted and non-pelleted meal by the description. Pelleted meal is the most convenient form of description; it lightens the process of packaging, transportation and storage. Pelleted meal is mostly used by consumers.

Vegetable protein which is part of sunflower meal makes it an ideal element of fodder. It is outlined low-protein and high-protein meal depending on protein content.

Ukraine makes world's top three for the production of sunflower meal. The lion's share of the produced meal is for inland use only.

In the nearest future sunflower meal has the potential to become a leader of feed ingredients for poultry. It is an excellent source of protein and amino acids on a par with soybean meal, though the prices of sunflower meal significantly lower than soybean ones. It contains amino acids and particularly methionine, vitamins E and C, fiber, phosphorus and other nutrients necessary for proper growth and development of animals and birds. Sunflower meal contains lysine a little, so it needs extra additive of synthetic origin.

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Meal is used for fodder purposes, both in pure form and as an additive in fodders. It increases the animal productivity, weight gain, improves the quality of meat, milk and eggs. It does not contain anti-nutrients, so it can be used in chicken food at 7-14 days of age. On account to its nutritional meal allows reducing feed consumption and, consequently, its costs.

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