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Sunflower oil is a vegetable oil got from sunflower seeds by the pressing or by organic solvents. Definitely sunflower oil has a leading position in production and consumption all around Ukraine and former Soviet Union countries.

Sunflower oil prices are the most affordable for the population, exactly this makes the product popular among consumers.

Nowadays sunflower oil is the most consumed product in the world. The color of natural sunflower oil is yellow or greenish. Generally, it depends on the preparation method. The same factor effects on its taste and flavor.

Sunflower oil is getting in the following ways:

  • pressing
  • extraction

Pressing is a mechanical process of sunflower seeds. The pressing can be cold and hot.

Sunflower oil produced by hot pressing has a beautiful golden color, taste and aroma of roasted seeds. And extra virgin has a lighter color either its aroma is less expressed.

Extra virgin is the most beneficial for the organism as it keeps all natural vitamins, minerals, vegetable carbohydrates and protein. Vitamin E is the greatest component of the oil. The only disadvantage is a short expiry date of this oil.

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Extraction is a process of sunflower oil from seeds by organic solvents. This process method is the most economically profitable.

Depending on the purification method vegetable oils are the following:

  • unrefined (purification done only from mechanical impurities)
  • refined (purification by alkali)
  • hydrated (purification performed with hot water passed through the oil spray)
  • deodorized (cleaned with a hot dry steam)

Sunflower oil is bottled into consumer and transport packaging. It is packaged into plastic bottles in industry; also you can buy bulk sunflower oil from integrator companies.

Sunflower oil is stored at the temperature not higher than 18 degrees for the period of 2–4 months. It depends on the process method.

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