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Sunflower seeds are oil plants.

Oil plants are those with the fat of at least 20-60% and they are planting for producing fatty oils. They are used to produce vegetable oil in food industry and as a part of fodders in technical purposes.

Mostly used oil plants are the following:

Oil extracted from oilseeds and oil grain bypass are widely used in various industries and agriculture. Cake and meal are used as a high-quality vegetable protein source for animal fodders.

Sunflower is an herbaceous plant of the Aster Family; it is grown as a decorative and oil plant all around the world.

Sunflower is a plant associated with the sun, heat and light. Sunflower seeds have useful and necessary substances for the body development:

  • vitamins A, B, C, E, D have positive effect on visual organs, blood composition, calcium absorption and increase body's resistance to disease and infection
  • minerals sodium, phosphorus, iodine, magnesium, zinc have a favourable effect on metabolic processes, digestion, immunity
  • fatty acids
  • protein compounds are the source of essential amino acids

Ukraine comes second after Russia in the areas and volumes of cultivated sunflower.

Fat quantity contained in sunflower seeds depends on the plant variety, growing conditions and other important factors.

You can buy high-quality sunflower seeds by the Agrocapital Ukraine. The company sells cereals, oil plants, their derivative products and fodders for animals and poultry at affordable prices. The Agrocapital Ukraine also provides the delivery of sunflower seeds throughout Ukraine.

Requirements for quality sunflower seeds are the following:

  • dry
  • grated
  • ungrated
  • oil varied
  • fit for frying

Choosing sunflower seeds by the Agrocapital Ukraine you make the right choice. After all, economic development strictly depends on the quality of buying goods and on money invested in its purchase. 

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